Top 20 Best Startup Studios to Build and Grow Your Business

April 8, 2023

Starting a business can be an exciting but challenging endeavor. While entrepreneurs have many ideas, building a successful company requires a combination of innovation, expertise, and resources. This is where startup studios come in.

Best Startup Studios

These companies provide a range of services, from idea generation to growth strategies, to help startups reach their full potential. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the top 20 startup studios to help you build and grow your business. We’ll look at the services offered, success stories, and pricing models so you can make an informed decision. So let’s dive in!

1. Atomic

A startup studio business model, also known as a venture builder or a company builder, is a model of entrepreneurship that involves creating multiple startups in parallel under one umbrella organization. Unlike an incubator or an accelerator, a startup studio does not accept external applications or provide mentorship and education. Instead, it generates its own ideas and validates them internally before spinning them off as independent entities.

What is Atomic and how does it work as a startup studio?

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned founder, you might have heard of Atomic, a venture fund that builds companies from scratch. Atomic is not a typical VC firm or an incubator, but a startup studio that combines capital, talent, and ideas to launch innovative businesses.

Atomic was founded in 2012 by Jack Abraham and Andrew Dudum, two serial entrepreneurs who wanted to create a better way to build companies. Atomic has a team of experienced operators, engineers, designers, and marketers who work together to ideate, prototype, test, and launch new ventures. Atomic also has a network of advisors, partners, and investors who provide strategic guidance and support.

Some of the successful companies that Atomic has built or co-founded include Hims & Hers, Terminal, ZenPayroll (now Gusto), Bungalow, Homebound, and TalkIQ (acquired by Dialpad). Atomic has raised over $600 million in funding from notable investors such as Peter Thiel, Marc Andreessen, Reid Hoffman, and SoftBank.

Atomic’s approach to building companies is based on three core principles:

  • Speed: Atomic believes that speed is the ultimate competitive advantage in today’s fast-changing market. Atomic aims to launch a new company every six weeks, using rapid prototyping and testing methods to validate ideas quickly and cheaply.
  • Focus: The company focuses on solving big problems in large and growing markets. Atomic looks for opportunities where there is a clear customer pain point, a strong value proposition, and a scalable business model.
  • Iteration: They embrace failure as a learning opportunity and iterate constantly based on feedback and data. Atomic does not get attached to any idea or product and is willing to pivot or kill projects that do not show traction or potential.

Atomic’s vision is to create a platform that enables anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit to build world-changing companies. Atomic startup studio offers its founders access to capital, talent, resources, and mentorship that can help them accelerate their growth and achieve their goals.

If you are interested in learning more about Atomic or joining its team, you can visit its website at

2. Betaworks

Betaworks is a unique company that combines the roles of a venture capital firm and a product builder. It invests in and creates startups that are focused on the future of media, entertainment, and technology. Betaworks has been operating since 2007 and has launched or backed some of the most successful and innovative companies in the Web3, Crypto, NLP, and gaming spaces.

How Betaworks works

Betaworks operates on three main pillars: build, invest, and camp.

  • Build: Betaworks has an internal team of engineers, designers, and product managers who work on building new products from scratch or acquiring and relaunching existing ones. Some of the products that Betaworks has built include Giphy, the search engine for gifs; Dots, the popular mobile gaming franchise; and Betaworks Studios, a social club and virtual community for founders and funders.
  • Invest: Betaworks also makes pre-seed and seed investments in startups that are aligned with its vision and themes. Betaworks typically invest between $250K to $500K and is often among the first investors in a company. Some of the startups that Betaworks has invested in include Twitter, Tumblr, Kickstarter, Product Hunt, Rec Room, Anchor, and Hugging Face.
  • Camp: Betaworks also runs thematic investment and residency programs for early-stage startups in frontier technology categories. Camp allows Betaworks to immerse itself in emerging tech trends and work closely with the startups in each cohort. Some of the themes that Betaworks has explored through Camp include Voice, Conversational Software, Synthetic Media, and “Fixing The Internet”.

Why Betaworks is different

Betaworks is different from other venture capital firms or incubators because it has a hybrid model that allows it to both invest in and build companies. Betaworks leverages its expertise, network, and resources to help startups grow and scale. Betaworks also has a strong culture of experimentation and innovation, as it constantly tests new ideas and launches new products. Betaworks believes that “betas work” and that human potential can be realized through technology.

How to learn more about Betaworks

If you are interested in learning more about Betaworks, you can visit its website at There you can find more information about its portfolio, team, programs, and events. You can also follow Betaworks on Twitter (@betaworks) or subscribe to its newsletter to get updates on its latest news and insights.

3. Builders

Builders is a startup studio that empowers entrepreneurs to build impactful software companies at scale within Europe by combining their experience in early-stage validation, operational excellence and pre-seed funding. A startup studio is a company that creates startups by ideating, validating, building and scaling new ventures with a dedicated team and resources.

How does Builders work?

Builders follow a four-step process to launch and grow successful software companies:

  • They identify bold and impactful trends by researching promising markets and opportunities.
  • They partner up with entrepreneurs in residence who have experienced the problem first-hand and have a vision to solve it.
  • They figure out which one out of ten ideas works by testing and validating them with real customers and data.
  • They co-founded the most impactful companies by providing them with a core team, pre-seed funding and operational support.

What are some examples of Builders’ portfolio companies?

Builders have co-founded several software companies in various domains, such as:

  • Faktor: A consent management platform that helps publishers and advertisers comply with privacy regulations and optimize their revenue.
  • Spendesk: A smart spend management solution that enables businesses to control their spending, automate their expenses and streamline their finances.
  • Zivver: A secure communication platform that prevents data leaks, protects sensitive information and ensures compliance with privacy laws.

How can I get involved with Builders?

To collaborate or join Builders, visit their website or social media channels. You can also explore their careers page or Launchpad program for opportunities.

4. Colab

Colab is another great venture studio that partners with strategic companies to design, launch, and grow early-stage businesses from an idea on a napkin. Colab was founded by Jon Bradford, a serial entrepreneur and investor who has been involved in building over 100 startups, including Techstars, F6S, and The Europas.

How does Colab work?

Colab partners with experts who have access to customers and helps them build scalable products. They provide operational support and aim to create sustainable businesses or acquisitions for their partners.

What are some examples of Colab’s projects?

Colab has launched several projects in different sectors, such as:

  • Candid: A platform that connects influencers with brands for authentic and transparent collaborations.
  • NoCap: A marketplace that connects artists with fans for live and interactive experiences.
  • Charge: A service that enables anyone to rent out their unused electric vehicle charging stations.
  • HighReach: A tool that helps teachers create personalized and engaging learning experiences for their students.
  • Scriptera: A software that helps writers craft better stories using artificial intelligence.

Why join Colab?

Colab is looking for ambitious and talented entrepreneurs who want to build the next generation of companies. By joining Colab, you will get:

The opportunity to work on exciting and meaningful problems with potential customers and partners.

  • The guidance and mentorship from experienced founders, operators, and investors.
  • The access to a network of resources and experts across various domains and industries.
  • The support and funding to launch and grow your venture.

If you are interested in joining Colab as a co-founder, partner, or team member, you can apply on Colab’s website.

5. Coplex

Coplex is another one of the best startup studios that help entrepreneurs and corporate innovators launch new ventures. Unlike traditional accelerators or incubators, Coplex does not invest in existing startups or provide coworking space. Instead, Coplex partners with aspiring founders to co-create and validate new business ideas, and then build and launch them as scalable companies.

How does Coplex work?

Coplex follows a lean startup methodology that consists of three phases: Ideate, Validate, and Launch. In the Ideate phase, Coplex helps founders identify and refine their problem-solution fit, value proposition, and target market. In the Validate phase, Coplex helps founders test their assumptions and hypotheses with real customers, using experiments and prototypes. In the Launch phase, Coplex helps founders build their minimum viable product (MVP), acquire early adopters, and prepare for fundraising.

Why choose Coplex?

Coplex is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and corporate innovators who want to launch new ventures without quitting their day jobs or risking their savings. Coplex provides access to a network of experienced mentors, advisors, and investors, as well as a team of designers, developers, and marketers who can execute on the vision. Coplex also offers a flexible and transparent revenue-sharing model that aligns incentives and rewards success.

If you are interested in learning more about Coplex and how it can help you turn your idea into reality, check out

6. Devland

Devland is a startup studio that builds and launches innovative products.

Devland has a team of experts in various fields, such as engineering, design, marketing, business, and more. Devland also has a network of partners and mentors who can offer guidance and support to startups.

Devland provides a range of services, such as:

  • Ideation and validation
  • Product design and development
  • Marketing and growth
  • Funding and scaling

Devland’s mission is to create impactful products that solve real problems and improve people’s lives.

If you have an idea for a product or want to join Devland’s team, you can visit their website at and get in touch with them.

7. eFounders

eFounders is renowned as one of the best startup studios with a mission to create innovative and successful software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies. By providing entrepreneurs with an extensive support system, eFounders is able to foster the growth of high-potential projects, contributing to the ever-expanding landscape of digital enterprises.

How eFounders Empowers Entrepreneurs

At its core, eFounders is a platform that nurtures and accelerates the growth of SaaS startups. It offers a range of services and resources, including:

  • Access to capital: eFounders help entrepreneurs secure funding from external investors, as well as provide their own investments in promising projects.
  • Expertise and mentorship: The eFounders team boasts experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts who provide guidance and advice to startups throughout their journey.
  • Network and partnerships: eFounders connects startups to a vast network of partners and professionals, helping to create valuable relationships that drive growth.
  • Talent acquisition: With a focus on attracting the best talent, eFounders assists startups in building high-performing teams.
  • Operational support: The studio offers comprehensive assistance in marketing, product development, and other crucial aspects of running a successful business.

Success Stories and Impact

Since its inception, eFounders has played a pivotal role in the creation and development of numerous successful SaaS companies. A few notable examples include:

  • Front: A collaborative email platform designed to simplify team communication and improve productivity.
  • Aircall: A cloud-based phone system that enables seamless business communication through an easy-to-use interface.
  • Spendesk: A smart expense management solution that streamlines company spending and simplifies the financial process.

Joining the eFounders Ecosystem

Entrepreneurs looking to partner with eFounders can apply online. Applicants should highlight their strong vision for their SaaS project and its potential to disrupt the market. Selected startups will work with eFounders on bringing ideas to life and reshaping the digital landscape.

8. Entweder

Entweder Ventures is I think we’re good and early-stage venture capital firm that focuses on helping entrepreneurs create meaningful businesses. Entweder offers its portfolio companies:

  • Funding and investment
  • Mentorship and guidance
  • Networking opportunities
  • Ongoing support for continued growth

The Entweder team takes pride in fostering the development of long-term relationships, aiding startups as they create their products, build their teams, and launch into the market.

Notable investments include:

  • BentoBox: A restaurant management platform that helps eateries operate more efficiently.
  • Treez: An online dispensary software designed to streamline cannabis retail operations.
  • GoKart: A delivery service that enables restaurants to offer customers convenient food delivery.

Entweder Ventures is an excellent partner to help startups navigate the early stages of growth and achieve long-term success. Their strong track record and commitment to fostering meaningful relationships make them one of the top startup studios in the industry.

So if you’re looking for a reliable partner to help launch your venture, consider joining forces with Entweder Ventures.

9. Expa

Expa is a global startup studio that offers entrepreneurs the resources they need to develop their projects and build successful companies.

Founded in 2013 by Garrett Camp, Expa provides:

  • Funding: Expa’s investments cover seed funding through late-stage rounds, offering startups access to capital when they need it most.
  • Mentorship and guidance: The Expa team consists of experienced professionals who provide valuable guidance and advice to help startups navigate the early stages of growth.
  • Network and partnerships: Connecting startups with industry experts, investors, partners, customers, and other key players enable them to create powerful relationships that drive success.
  • Talent acquisition: With its extensive global network, Expa helps startups attract talented individuals from all over the world.

Expa has produced several successful startups, including Uber, Sosh, and Genius. If you’re interested in joining their ecosystem, visit to learn more about partnering with the studio.

10. High Alpha

High Alpha is one of the best venture studios that creates, launches and scales new software companies. It combines the best of venture capital, entrepreneurship and design to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality.

How does High Alpha work?

High Alpha works with entrepreneurs in three ways:

  • Studio: High Alpha partners with experienced founders to co-create and launch new software companies from scratch. High Alpha provides capital, talent, design, marketing and operational support to help founders build and scale their startups.
  • Sprint: High Alpha helps entrepreneurs validate and launch their software ideas in 14 weeks. High Alpha provides a dedicated team of designers, engineers and marketers to help entrepreneurs build a prototype, test it with customers and pitch it to investors.
  • Capital: High Alpha invests in early-stage software companies that have the potential to transform their industries. High Alpha provides capital, mentorship and access to a network of experts and partners to help startups grow.

Why choose High Alpha?

High Alpha is more than one of the best startup studios. It is a community of entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and partners who share a passion for building innovative software companies.

By choosing High Alpha, you can benefit from:

  • A proven track record of launching and scaling successful software companies
  • A world-class team of experts in design, engineering, marketing and operations
  • A unique culture of collaboration, creativity and excellence
  • A strong network of customers, partners and investors

If you are an entrepreneur with a software idea or a founder looking for a partner, High Alpha can help you turn your vision into reality. To learn more about High Alpha, visit their website at

11. Human Ventures

Human Ventures is a startup studio NYC that collaborates with entrepreneurs to develop and release new businesses. They are highly committed to creating purposeful companies that have a positive impact on society. Human Ventures provides a range of services, including product development, marketing, and fundraising. As a result, they have successfully launched startups like Nursery and Paloma Health.

12. Mamazen

Mamazen Also makes the list of best startup studios. They help entrepreneurs ideate and validate new businesses in the health and wellness industry. They provide resources to help launch these startups, which include MamaZen and Gemi. Mamazen has played a significant role in the launch of successful ventures.

13. Nobody Studios

Nobody Studios is a startup studio that partners with entrepreneurs to build and launch new businesses in the entertainment industry. They offer a range of services, including product development, marketing, and fundraising. Nobody Studios has helped launch successful startups, including McBeard and So Far Sounds.

14. Paloma (formerly Dovetail)

Paloma is a startup studio that helps entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality. Paloma provides:

  • Funding and mentorship
  • Product development and design
  • Marketing and growth hacking
  • Legal and accounting support

Paloma was formerly known as Dovetail Studios but rebranded in 2023 to reflect its focus on creating impactful and innovative startups. Paloma’s portfolio includes:

  • Lumi: A smart lighting system that adapts to your mood and preferences
  • Zest: A wellness app that connects you with personalized coaches and experts
  • Riff: A social music platform that lets you create and share playlists with friends

If you have a great idea for a startup or want to join one of Paloma’s existing ventures, visit to learn more.

15. Pioneer Square Labs

Pioneer Square Labs is a startup studio that focuses on launching new businesses in the tech industry. They work with entrepreneurs to ideate and validate new business ideas and provide resources to help launch them. Pioneer Square Labs has helped launch successful startups, including LumaTax and JetClosing. They belong in the list of best startup studios.

16. Rocket Internet

Another one of the best startup studios that invest in and launch new businesses in the e-commerce industry is Rocket Internet. They have a strong focus on scalability and work with entrepreneurs to build businesses that can expand quickly. Rocket Internet has a portfolio of successful startups, including Zalando and HelloFresh.

17. Science

Science is a startup studio that invests in and launches new businesses in various industries, including e-commerce, fintech, and healthcare. They have a strong focus on product development and work with entrepreneurs to build scalable businesses. Science is one of the best startup studios with a portfolio of successful startups, including Dollar Shave Club and DogVacay.

18. StudioHub

StudioHub is a global network of startup studios and venture builders that aims to support and promote the startup studio model. It connects studios and other stakeholders in the venture-building ecosystem, such as founders, investors, corporates, and talent. It also provides knowledge sharing, data analysis, market intelligence, and growth opportunities for its members. StudioHub was born in Europe and has the largest coverage in the region.

19. Wilbur Labs

Also in the list of best startup studios, Wilbur Labs focuses on launching businesses in the consumer tech industry. They work with entrepreneurs to ideate and validate new business ideas and provide resources to help launch them. Wilbur Labs has helped launch successful startups, including Stripe and Segment.

20. Zuma Ventures

Zuma Ventures is a startup studio that invests in and launches new businesses in various industries, including e-commerce, fintech, and healthcare. They work with entrepreneurs to build scalable businesses and provide a range of services, including product development, marketing, and fundraising. Zuma Ventures has a portfolio of successful startups, including Ripple and Zenefits.

Final thoughts on best startups studios

Startup studio insiders provide valuable resources and expertise to entrepreneurs looking to build and grow their businesses. The above-listed top 20 best startup studios have a proven track record of launching successful startups and can help you turn your ideas into scalable businesses. Choose a startup studio that aligns with your industry and business goals, and take the first step towards building a successful company.


What is the success rate of a startup studio?

Startup studios create new businesses. The success of these studios is hard to measure, but possible indicators include the number of startups launched, funding raised, revenue generated, and exit value. According to a report by Atomico and Founders Intelligence in 2019, startup studios worldwide have created over 1,500 startups and received over $35 billion in funding. These startups have done over $10 billion in revenue and achieved an exit value of over $100 billion. These numbers suggest that startup studios can be effective.

What is an example of a startup studio?

A startup studio creates and launches multiple startups. It develops its own concepts and recruits entrepreneurs to lead them. The studio provides shared resources, such as funding, talent, infrastructure, and expertise, to support the growth of its portfolio companies. Some examples of successful startup studios are Betaworks, eFounders, and Rocket Internet.

What does a startup studio do?

A startup studio creates and launches new businesses. It provides resources to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into products and services. A startup studio operates multiple projects at different stages of development and may spin off some as independent entities or merge them with partners. A startup studio aims to reduce the risk of starting a venture by leveraging its expertise.

How many startup studios are there in the world?

There is no definitive answer to how many startup studios there are in the world. According to GSSN, there are currently 242 active startup studios in the world as of April 2023. This number may not include some emerging or unregistered studios, so the actual figure could be higher or lower depending on the definition and scope of a startup studio.

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